Join. The Maxx was part of MTV's Oddities program, back when MTV was interested more in art than commerce. You probably remember Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, the live-action series starring Melissa Joan Hart. Then they invent a droid that learns to act like Dr. Watson. And hey, Jay Sherman even got a guest spot on The Simpsons. In its early years, Cartoon Network's programming was predominantly made up of reruns of Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and Hanna-Barbera shows such as Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Jonny Quest, and Scooby-Doo.Cartoon Network's first original series were The Moxy Show and the late-night satirical animated talk show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast. This is a list of notable events, premieres, releases, series cancellations and endings, and other business ventures for Nickelodeon in the year 2006. Unlike the rather cheesy, toned down live-action Spawn of 1997, this animated series held nothing back in the violence department, making full use of its home on pay cable. There was an attempt, right at the beginning of the series, to have Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake act as crime-solving private detectives, but that got scrapped pretty quickly. The Simpsons is also an incredibly funny show that's produced more amusing characters and situations than the vast majority of all other American sitcoms. Fans everywhere are praying that it will do justice to the original, and introduce the beloved franchise to a new generation. Bloo was an instantly iconic character. This show definitely falls under the cult heading -- it actually didn't run very long, and many don't remember it all, but those who do have fond memories. In 1960, Hanna-Barbera Productions broke the animation mold and launched the cartoon into primetime glory -- the toon previously occupied only the realm of kiddie programming hours. No matter what your age group is, you like SpongeBob. The series was revisited in a 2004 live-action movie (co-written by Cosby himself) which debuted to middling box office and harsh critical reviews, but the animated series continues to be fondly remembered by many. The series also benefited from a fun vocal performance from Christopher Daniel Barnes as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. A one-stop shop for all things video games. and Eastwood's Beverly Hills Robo Canine Cop and a Half 2. Braceface stars Alicia Silverstone as Sharon Spitz, a teen who gets braces and discovers that they have strange electromagnetic powers that get her into sticky situations. No, not the 1950s -- you're thinking of The Honeymooners, which is a completely understandable mistake. The great joy of Foster's however, aside from the animation style and the kickin' theme music, is that it never truly grates on you. Surpassing animated comedies such as Futurama, The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo Where Are You! Years later, he would find renewed vigor when the shorts were packaged for television viewing...delighting generations of after-school kiddies. Spinelli was an iconic badass, with her big boots and leather jacket. Every preteen girl knew exactly which of the three heroines they identified with. The main character, Spike Spiegel, is a bounty hunter with a dark past, as he formerly worked for a violent crime syndicate. Hamtaro is a big franchise in Japan: there's a manga, a children's book series, movies, video games, and toys. (1995–1997) 11. Following the adventures of four mutated turtles that were taught by a martial-arts trained rat (the radical Splinter), Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo keep the streets of New York safe from Shredder's Foot Clan. Stars: Josh Keaton , Lacey Chabert , Joshua LeBar , Grey Griffin Votes: 10,393 Dave the Barbarian is similar to The Flintstones in the way it combines the medieval setting with modern inventions and pastimes, but Dave doesn't hold a candle to Fred Flintstone. Then there's Ms. Finster, the unpleasant teacher with grey hair and granny glasses who's always trying to take the joy out of recess. There's nothing funnier than an adult losing his mind. Three different, and unrelated, anime series were combined to create the world of Robotech. Each episode Freakazoid would meet up with a ridiculous villain, such as a giant-brain-headed man called The Lobe, a blue caveman named Cave Guy with a voice like Gilligan's Island's Thurston Howell III, a former model stuck in a jaunty pose named Arms Akimbo, and an eye-patched villain named Armando Guitierrez, voiced by the inimitable Ricardo Montalban. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Purportedly telling the story of the original Warner Brothers -- Yakko and Wakko -- and the Warner sister, Dot, Animaniacs episodes were made up of three mini-episodes, each featuring different characters. He looks like a cute ghost. Probably. The villains were malicious and cruel. One of several toy-inspired animated series of the era, G.I. Co-created by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini (both of Batman: The Animated Series fame) and Steven Spielberg (of movie blockbuster fame), Freakazoid! It dealt with the notion of being stranded in a different space-time continuum; 20-plus years before Lost, mind you. 2006-14 Cartoon Network, Pakapaka Flash Handy Manny: 113: Canada, United States 2006–12 Playhouse Disney CGI Horseland: 39 United States 2006–07 CBS Traditional ... Coyote Ragtime Show: 12 Japan 2006 Anime D.Gray-man: 103: Japan 2006–09 Anime Death Note: 37: Japan 2006–07 Anime Demashita! In fact, you can almost physically feel the moment when the last strand of sanity snapped and they decided to just let the whole show fly into beautiful oblivion. Rugrats might have had a sort of hideous animation style that transformed a bunch of toddlers into grotesque monstrosities, but it sure was popular. The creator of the series, Greg Weisman (now the man behind The Spectacular Spider-Man), told a layered and intriguing story, refusing to write down to his audience. November 24, 2007 The Angry Beavers: October 31, 2007 Oh Yeah! The twisted animation, casual violence and comic misanthropy made it questionable for young kids but hilarious for older viewers. Also notable: Ingrid has very shiny black hair. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. gets its name from protagonist Cornelius Fillmore, voice by That's So Raven's Orlando Brown. He lives in the middle of Nowhere (Nowhere, Kansas, that is) with his owners, an elderly couple named Muriel and Eustace Bagge. He was, however, very easily distracted, and often not interested in being a superhero. Though he recently received a big-screen adaptation from Spyglass Entertainment and Disney that did little to evoke the feel of the original cartoon, the super-powered Underdog remains near and dear to the hearts of many a kid who caught his adventures in the treacherous minutes before having to leave for school in the morning way back in the day. Containing some of the most elaborately choreographed fight scenes in cartoon history, this program is like a love letter to those who enjoy a good brawl between good and evil... so much so that you are willing to watch nearly 300 episodes of build-up and payoffs. Only six episodes were produced, and only two of them aired, but there was a lot of very funny material in Kevin Smith's adaptation of his own film. He quickly stole the hearts and minds of America. There were several revivals of the character through the years, including a 1980s series by Ralph Bakshi that has quite the cult following and a place in TV controversy history, due to an accusation that a scene in which Mighty Mouse sniffed a flower actually alluded to cocaine use (yep, you read that right). Tapping into the collective geek memory its creators and audience share, Green and Senreich's Adult Swim series delivers fast-paced comedy via segments lasting anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. 1. Grizzlebee's! The technology aboard an alien ship that crashed to Earth is used to help the human race develop robots that are used to fight off alien invaders. Nay. Just finishing up its animated run in the U.S., this series was based on the manga created by writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata. A genuinely likeable and fun group of young new characters were the focus, including Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck and Hamton J. Sorry guys, we have a soft spot for it too, but when you look at The Spectacular Spider-Man, it's clear that this show, while significant for Spider-Man, was a stepping stone along the way as far as creating a truly great show based on the character. Credit goes to IWasAPepper. Each episode involved Astro using his robot powers to save the day. The show's style, while looking like stop-motion construction paper cut-outs, is animated completely on computers. Robots in disguise!" And since Scott was always upgrading his expensive buddy, he provided plenty of validation for the little boys who would grow up to be today's tech geeks and robot nerds. Is there no end to your oozing?" The show came from the mind of Craig McCracken, creator of the beloved Powerpuff Girls. This is a list of television programs currently and formerly broadcast by Cartoon Network and Cartoon Network HD+ in India.The network was launched on May 1, 1995 and airs mainly animated programming, ranging from action to animated comedy. Back to the top. Sometimes the style even changes to fit the episode's content, such as the anime sequences in season eight's "Good Times with Weapons" and the World of Warcraft-style sequences in season 10's "Make Love, Not Warcraft.". Flowing from the success of shows like The Simpsons, MTV and Cartoon Network started putting animation in … The Ren & Stimpy Show: September 5, 2011 Rocko's Modern Life: CatDog* Aaahh!!! Credit goes to IWasAPepper. But their hair and clothes were in color, which made them look like pale corpses. The future-world depicted in the show was all gee-whiz airships and robots and, uh, treadmills, and the overall feel of The Jetsons' setting proved to be incredibly persuasive considering that the show originally ran for just one season of 24 episodes. There was no time to lose. And an integral part of the show was the inclusion of an elderly Bruce Wayne (still voiced by The Animated Series' Kevin Conroy), who gave Terry guidance while trying to move beyond what were clearly some bitter tragedies -- tragedies that would eventually be illuminated in the great direct-to-DVD movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. This show was just grand. Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999-2006) Dinosaucers (1989-1991) Dinosaurs (1994-1997) Donkey Kong Country; The Donna Reed Show; Doogie Howser M.D. Essentially it's about an idiot savant and an idiot, a.k.a. Five young people collectively known as G-Force comprised the main cast of the show. An animated television show that focuses on a sixteen-year-old Peter Parker, and the origins of Spider-Man. The best Cartoon Network series of the 2000's proved that their phenomenal 90's run wasn’t a fluke. This show has a very fond place in the hearts of those who grew up with it in the '90s, so some might complain about it being rather low on this list. It was a cool collection of animation that ranged from slapstick to surreal, and gave us some wonderful characters to cherish. One of the more popular cartoon/toy marketing machines of the Eighties was M.A.S.K., the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (yes, command with a 'K', that's what happens when you have to make an acronym fit into your story concept). The show was a weird kind of G.I. Tiny Toon Adventures took a clever, post-modern approach to the Looney Tunes characters, re-introducing Bugs, Daffy, Porky and the gang as instructors at Acme Looniversity, where they teach the next generation of Looney Tunes things like how to take an anvil to the head like a pro. Generally regarded as actually being better than the live-action prequel films, Tartakovsky's all-too-brief series fleshed out the characters, amped up the action and the visual style, and played homage to the best aspects of George Lucas' creation. Two characters became so popular they got their own spin-off series, Pinky and the Brain. 803 486 Ultimate List of Isekai Anime. Just watching him float about in a frenzy of selfish madness almost made life worth living. Post your Comments or Review This page has been viewed 35 times this month, and 890 times total. Their job: protect our galaxy from the evil planet Spectra. Propelled by its two main characters, Death Note moves from episode to episode keeping us at the edge of our seat wondering whether the ultimate detective L can in fact take down the murderous Kira (the series' main character Light Yagami). Welcome to the official Cartoon Network channel on YouTube! Some 10 more second-season episodes were never completed, however, including a two-part finale, though some bits and pieces of these segments have been leaked to fans over the years. The goal of this unique format was to delve into the specifics of those famous titular battles, first mentioned in the original Star Wars, long dreamed about and imagined by fans worldwide, and finally seen on film at the end of Attack of the Clones in 2002. This is a list of former programming on Cartoon Network, along with the year the show premiered on Cartoon Network, and the rating. Regardless, the tale of Fred and his extended family (Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm would join the crew eventually, and let's not forget Dino and Hoppy) held the attention of America for six years of original content, before entering the immortal annals of syndication. As it turned out though, Batman Beyond -- which included many alumni of Batman: The Animated Series among its producers -- was a worthy follow-up, and another cool piece of the evolution of the DC animated universe. Kids' WB was an American children's programming block that originally aired on The WB Television Network from September 9, 1995 to September 16, 2006. Nora wants to keep her focused on work, but Jenny wants to have fun too. While it only lasted a couple of seasons (with 70/30 Productions shutting down in 2009) this show had a thrilling run from 2006-2008. But back in 1999, there was Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, which pretty everyone has since forgotten about. We could watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force forever. "Hey, hey hey... it's Faaat Albert!" For the first time, Marvel Comics fans truly felt like they were seeing the stories they loved played out on television, and those who grew up with this series have fond memories to this day... and eternal hopes for proper season set DVD releases! Originally airing for just one 26-episode season in 1964-65, this iconic kids' adventure show thrived in syndicated reruns on Saturday mornings for decades, before coming back for one new season in 1986. Every show on this list aired in the first decade of the 2000s, although they may have started in the ’90s or ended in the ’10s. Lion. They balance that with their busy lives as high school students. "Must... escape... quicksand... sinking... to my doom." April 4 - Search for the Funniest Mom in America(the pre-series special aired on May 3, 2005) 3. Chasing ghosts and revealing them to be old crusty codgers in masks. The Moxy Show (1993–2000) (TV-Y7) Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1994–2001) (TV-Y7/TV-PG/TV-14) What a Cartoon… music. Top posts august 10th 2017 Top posts of august, 2017 Top posts 2017. Part of the Disney Afternoon line-up, Chip and Dale did their best impression of Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I., respectively, solving crimes too small for the full-sized police to handle. 31,771 views made by SparklinDiamond. But for its final three seasons it morphed into Justice League Unlimited and expanded its basic roster of seven to cycle in a multitude of DC heroes, with the main players still getting their fair share of screen time too. Now a major comedy presence, Family Guy has gone from tangentially making reference to other programs (in their "manatee gags") to now being lampooned and referenced itself. August 20 6.1. There were pyramids and castles mixed with spaceships and laser beams. August 28 - Wow! The creator John R. Dilworth took inspiration for this dark comedy from Salvador Dalí and Ghost in the Shell. Eventually the series took on various secondary titles, as in its last two seasons with the monikers The Legendary Super Powers Show and finally The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, where the cosmic evil dude called Darkseid showed up and things actually got kind of, well, dark story-wise (even Batman's origin story was told here, which is certainly lightyears away from the content of the old Wendy and Marvin stories). Our five protagonists are in Sector V and hang out in a high-tech tree house. A rather brilliant second episode parodied that old television staple, with the characters trapped together, reminiscing on past events -- only here, with only one episode having been produced, all of their memories are of that previous week's events... before things get really hysterical and surreal. It was awesome. Don't be afraid to admit that you've watched this show at least once. And if Beavis and Butt-head thought a band sucked, all of a sudden we started second-guessing our own fandom. Set in the late 21st century, Cowboy Bebop follows a group of bounty hunters as they travel in their spaceship, the Bebop. Thing is, Zim isn't exactly the best and brightest (and certainly not the tallest) of his kind, so his plans are usually undone either by Dib, an expert in the otherworldly who is one of the only people who recognizes Zim for what he is, or by Zim's own ineptitude. But there was also the DiC Entertainment cartoon Sabrina: The Animated Series. Its inclusion on our Best Ever list is in some small part our way to address the special guilty pleasure we have for this show. Kids growing up in the first decade of the 2000s loyally tuned into the Big Three: Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel every day for their favorites shows, from SpongeBob SquarePants to The Wild Thornberrys. is an anime-style cartoon that follows Sam, Alex, and Clover, three friends in Beverly Hills who lead secret double lives as spies for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP). Voiced by Seinfeld's George Costanza, Jason Alexander, Duckman was a lazy, self-serving sex addict -- and we wouldn't have it any other way. There's confident leader Theodore J. Hehehehehehe!! This show follows Dave, a cowardly, bumbling barbarian who lives in the kingdom of Udrogoth during the Middle Ages. And his name was Snarf. The Simpsons is not only the longest running American animated program, it's also the longest running American sitcom, and is currently tied with Gunsmoke for the longest running American primetime series. And of course, all the characters are equal when compared to the most fantastically annoying character every created, Cheese.