Be very careful as this question is critical to your selection and your answer can make or break your chances of final selection. I have skills to work in busy environments, with effective communication and teamwork. Make sure you read the company’s website and any news articles you … If you do want the job, simple honesty works—first, admit that you want it. Why Do You Want To Work Here: 5 Sample Answers Here are 5 potential answers to the big question; bear in mind they are templates and you should tailor each answer depending on the company: I am connected with members of your organisation on LinkedIn and noticed we have several things in common (this could be education or achievements for example). With the glamorous reputation the industry has earned, it’s not hard to see why positions in the fashion industry are so popular. They want to get two things out of this. 2. Why do you want to work in real estate? Anonymous. 10 years ago. Be careful, because this question about lifestyle is a tricky one. While the consumer group may not exactly be the most counter-cyclical place to weather a recession in, there are plenty of other benefits – including getting to work with companies that make products you use every day. After establishing the context for your answer – the desirability of the employer – you should then highlight what you can bring to the table that will fulfill their needs. Have a look at our retail (fashion) entry-level job advertisement example written ... resume and cover letter specifically written for this position to help you put together a winning job application. The reason I want to work in fashion & retail is because I am an artist wanting to express myself using clothing. Favourite answer. Yet a major gender imbalance remains. “Why do you want to work here?” is one of the most important questions in an interview. Relevance. Remember, they're not asking why you want to work this kind of job, but why you want to work at their company in particular. You want to work there because you have knowledge of what they offer. It is because the motivation level of … TIPS TO PREPARE TOP ANSWERS Provide an answer as to the reasons that led you to pursue a career in real estate, and link this answer to the position you are applying for - so as to demonstrate your chosen career field/original career … First of all, they want to see if you’re in it for the money and, second of all, if you know and, consequently, are prepared to work hard. If your referring to teens or students. With such high demand for IT skills and a shortage of suitably qualified and experienced personnel, salary levels continue to remain higher than the UK average, rising at around eight times the national rate each year. To make money, gain experience(if they are going into marketing), gain people skill, become a better sale person. Home » Why Retail? Or maybe you’re getting plenty of callbacks for retail positions but you’re not getting hired, and you suspect your interviewing skills could use some work. Regardless of what area you work in, IT offers everyday challenges, variety of work, and often a relaxed working environment. Retail surrounds us in all of our lives - whether we work within the industry or not. For instance, in fashion industry the London Fashion Network and Drapers hold talks with e-commerce leaders. I'm keen to learn and build experience working with larger supermarket like Morrison and support customers at current situation of Covid 19. What luxury retail environment is all about? If you are working in a luxury retail environment, you are expected to provide a unique ambiance and atmosphere, reflecting and reinforcing the values of … "Clearly retailers want to make sure their managers have the skills needed to do this job." 4. 4. Asked 22 January 2018. There are different ways to respond when a hiring manager asks you, “Why do you want to work … And now the interviewer’s asking why you want to work for the company. I would be delighted and proud to work for an organisation with an industry-leading track record of innovation. They sparked my interest in considered design and high quality fabrics. But, if you have decided that you want a career in the Drinks Industry, do the legwork to get the skills necessary to add value to the company you want to work … you have to work quite hard to communicate your motivation levels with the employer. You got the interview. If you want to make sure you’re definitely ready for the interview, check out our complete list of 35+ common interview questions and answers to help you prepare even more. Earn a Good Salary. The reason many MBA’s today want to work in luxury industry is the huge perks that are being offered. 0 … “I never recommend playing hard to get,” she said on email. After working in retail for almost 10 years, I could write the book on why it's the worst position ever, and also one of the easiest if you're in a pinch for money. Example answers for “Why do you want to work here?” Example 1: “I’ve been working in the travel industry for more than five years. There are many positive benefits to be gained from a career in retail. Theresa: This person wouldn't recognize open minded and down to earth if they read it. Do I need a logistics degree? Why do you want to work in retail industry? There is no doubt that ACME Limited’s sterling reputation is a factor. But it’s also bound to be on your mind if you work in the consumer retail group at an investment bank and you advise companies on M&A deals and financing activities. Exactly how you should respond to the question of “Why do you want to work here?” depends on the job and the organization — and, of course, you and how you want to express yourself. Fun, fierce and fast paced, the fashion industry attracts hundreds of graduates every year, meaning you have to be fearless in order to get where you want to be. Answered 24 July 2020.