List your property. Hi Will - I personally prefer Anini because when the Trades are blowing (which is most of the time) the reef area is protected from the wind. Hoping to head to Kauai in late Dec - early January. Current conditions at Kealia Beach Park . Can you give me some information. Kaelin - as far as we know camping is not allowed at Kealia. I made a picture of it and compare to a pic in the book-they looked identical. We are all strong swimmers, and know what to do with currents, but want to be safe. Our forecasts are as as accurate as the National Weather Service. Be warned there are strong currents and rip tides here especially when there is big surf. Beaches. Hi Randy. (Kealia report often seems to be off the mark. This is an excellent beach for boogie boarding. Kihei Surfside $$$ Kamaole Nalu Resort $$$+ Royal Mauian Resort $$$+ North Kihei. Kealia Beach is one of the best surf spots on the island of Kauai! Kealia is a great surfing beach if you like the challenge. My best advice would be to just show respect when visiting there. the beauty of Kealia purely as a surfing beach is that, if you can surf competently here, you can just about surf anywhere. Related Searches. Kealia Beach (aka Sugar Beach) Like long walks on the beach? Thanks a ton. Known as the longest beach on Maui, Kealia Beach (also known as Sugar Beach) stretches for nearly 2.5 miles from Ma’alaea to north Kihei. Onshore blow from sea to land. Is this an issue with the lifeguards or with communication?) Please reload the page to see if there are any updates. the bay protects a bit. Offshore winds blow from land towards the sea. The best wind direction is from the west southwest. Good feedback SDsponger - with the right attitude most hassles can be avoided (that's kinda a worldwide pattern). We use the rips to help us back out quickly so we can catch more waves. I want to come to Kauai with my family (wife and two kids, 2 and 5 years old) for a longer period of 3 month, from November to January. Although the waves are pretty consistent throughout the year owing to ground and wind swells, the constantly changing sandbar may cause unprecedented and powerful wave breaks. See detailed tide info and graphOffshore winds at Kealia blow from the WSW. Update the daily ocean report daily. SE swells break perfectly on the southern end of Kealia (in front of river mouth). The half mile long beach is a favorite for jogging, dog walking, kite flying, and bon fires. Want to make a great site even better? 0.4 FT. Low tide 0.2ft at 04:18pm. Français. A lot of it has to do with what side of the island you are swimming. Also, do you think Kekaha would be good?, or too strong of currents I surfed Kealia last week when the reef was breaking nearly double overhead, but the posted lifeguard report was only 2-4. Thanks!! W. In your comments on Eastside beaches, you often use the terms "offshore" and "onshore" winds. Kealia surf is the most diverse on the island. Wind. Have fun,respect the ocean the other surfers and the beach. then out of nowhere high surf advisory. This is a great beach to spend the day because of it's facilities and close proximity to several restaurants and food trucks in Kapa'a town. any info? Shipwreck's beach at the Grand Hyatt seems a bit much to handle for my kids. today is 3-5ft. The surf can get dangerous sometimes … They want to learn to surf on Kauai when they go there next July. Is drinking allowed on the beach? thank you. Don't think you are legally allowed to drink although I see plenty of people doing it. I would have guessed that the name indicates the origin (as in northeasterly winds) but it doesn't seem to make sense in the offshore/onshore context. We?ve tentatively chosen to stay on the east side of the island due to its proximity to other adventurous activities like zipping and river kayaking, however, I?m wondering if this location is too far from the Na Pali coast the Canyon. You just have to stay in tune with daily conditions (check our ocean report). Hope you're enjoying stay. The problem here is that there will still be red hot embers hidden under the sand the next day. He has some experience, but is not an expert. Surf is Clean from NE at 2 to 5 feet (face height) The Explorer's Guide to Kauai answers all the frequently asked questions from the discussions on this website, including the questions you didn't know to ask. Kauai is amazing!!! Nearby Experiences. The nearshore bottom is a long sand bar whose depth constantly changes. During winter months you may be able to spot some whales. My girlfriend and I are leaving for Kauai in 10 days, and she was wondering what the water temperature is at this time? This is a local's beach, so respect it accordingly. 1000 yards of sand! We are planning a month long trip for June this year (2011) and wondered if surf conditions are offshore this time of year at Kealia?. Offshore winds and protected coves create the smooth texture desirable for snorkeling. Is there a good place to surf 3-4\' waves around Kauai that is pretty safe for a begginner? La cosa pinta molt bé! Tower Reports. W. Hey, great website you have here. Kapa‘a. When the surf is calm, a sandy bottom makes it good for swimming and wading behind the seawall on the north end, but not good for snorkeling because sandy bottoms don't make good fish habitat. Active Alerts. If you show Aloha, you will receive it. It is a popular destination among surfers and boogie boarders. J. Sign in. Also, is wine allowed on the beaches? kealia a beguinner's surf spot? Thanks! Cruises. This six story building with elevator and the beach fronting the property is exceptional for sunsets, swimming, windsurfing, long relaxing beach walks and spectacular seasonal whale watching. Good comment Kerry - entering the water at any spot comes with responsibility and respect. kealia is very consistent waves in the summer months range from 3-10 feet and if u arent good at dropping in be carefull of the sand bar it changes every day u can litterly walk to the line up some times and have 5 foot faces breaking right at your face standing up. › breaks › Kealia › forecasts › latest › six_day It's a small island. and give off a positive vibe, you\'ll probably never be hassled. When the surf is calm, a sandy bottom makes it good for swimming and wading behind the seawall on the north end, but not good for snorkeling because sandy bottoms don't make good fish habitat. Aloha David. Hi, Kealia in Kauai is an exposed beach and reef break that has reasonably consistent surf and can work at any time of the year. some form of jellyfish? The East side is also a hub of shops, restaurants and grocery stores. Area: South Maui On one of Maui's most spectacular white-sand beaches, oceanfront Kealia resort is a peaceful retreat in sunny south Maui. Conditions are extremely hazardous. Packages. Which beach is best for sunsets? I know it's hard not to let it bother you. They want to find a condo in that area as well. Hi Nadeen - if you are going to surf or bodyboard, then get used to currents. Plus, there's detailed Kauai vacation maps and neighborhood info...Show me! Yes, choppy waves but when other beaches were pretty flat, this at least had a decent swell. 12 KTS. Any place you suggest that is more reasonable? Is the East side of Kauai a good home base for what my husband and I want to do, or will there be lots of driving involved to reach other sides of the island? I caught maybe two waves. Tide. Powerful waves breaking on sandbars. Emails will not be visible or used in any way, and are not required. Cars. I go to Hawaii every year for a month or so. hey i will be comming in the beginning of january to kauai, are beach fires allowed on most of the beaches at night? More travel. I am a very experienced body surfer and bodyboarder. Our most popular tours and activities. Many people think that fires should be extinguished when they leave the beach, so they cover them with sand or throw a bit of water on. There is a pawpular walking area known as the Kapaa Coastal Path, or Ke Ada Hele Hakalae, which runs the length of the beach. Unlike Kalapaki, Kealia beach remains open and exposed. Thank you kindly, Hi, I am about to start learnin how to surf and am living real close to Kealia for the next 4 monhs, do you know how the locals are about outsiders surfing there? The beach itself is narrow but quite long, affording you and your pup lots of of white sand coast to explore. Hi - What are the best beaches for bodyboarding and body surfing in late March early April? Public parking. High surf during the winter and spring on KauaʻI's north shore wraps around the … High Surf Warning Saturday, January ... Surf Forecast (Official) 40-50 feet. I am staying very close to the Light House. It almost always has waves to surf however the quality is another thing. Stays. Also, if there was a beach for my family it would be a bonus. You can bring your best canine pal to enjoy all areas of this pawsome beach; whether it be in the sand or the surf. Thanks for this great site. Hi Brandon - Hanalei Bay is what you are looking for. Either dunking or whipping. Lifeguards were appropriately shoeing tourists into the calm waters at the extreme north of the bay, but the Ocean Report had recommended the beach as safe for swimming, probably based on the 2-4 report. Primarily for beachgoers and surfers. My favorite beachbreak! We spent our vacation in August on the east coast of Kauai and my kids never left the water here. More info. votes. I really like the Waimea Plantation cottages - not the best beach but a very chill place to stay on the west side. Help! The north end of the beach on calmer days provides the possibility for … W. I am heading to Kauai today and will be there through Dec. 31st. Surf properties and timing are calculated for Kealia.New forecast is published every 6 hours at Sure, you may run into that big/pissed off guy who has had a bad day, but in my experience, that\'s not the norm. Great information for both visitors and locals. 2.9m 9 s period wind swell from E. Certified organic materials, made using renewable energy. Appreciate your effort to anser all the questions and hope you can give me some good hints to make my family stay unforgettable :-)) Cars. which is normally a solid waist to head high, They're measured by faces. Aloha great site,coming for visit Feb. what type of board is recommend for my son,good basic surfer certainly knows his limits and waves that he can handle 3-6 range only or i should ask what beaches he should stay away from.thank you pat. J. I love surf fishing, can someone point me in the right direction and suggest a surf fisherman friendly beach, what kind of (eatable)fish can I expect to catch out of the surf. Avoid the areas of the center and right side of the beach, current and crushing shore break are prevalent there. The lifeguards\' policy toward this is largely hands-off, which, i think, reflects how few serious encounters actually occur. Swimmers should only enter the water if it is very calm, and always stay very close to shore. If you are cooking food then they allow the fire. Thoughts? Any locals in the forum want to chime in, please do. Hope this helps. 3.3 FT at 15s NW 314 º. Mahalo for reading. Help? Kealia Beach. Kealia Beach (see more photos) is a 150-foot (46 m) wide and 0.5-mile (805 m) long sandy beach located on Kauai's Coconut Coast (east shore). i'm about to go there now so aloha, I was wondering if this would be a good beach for me, my wife, and my son (13), and his friend (15). La tarda la vam passar a Kealia Beach de nou, on les onades estaven més crescudetes i vam tenir una bona sessió… Fins que l’Iñaki va foradar la taula del Jan després de que aquest li robés una onada, per sort a l’hostal un rastes libanès molt enrollat ens la repararà i avui (dimarts) ens portarà a fer surf amb ell i un altra colega. Kalapaki - not listed is a FAR BETTER place to learn to surf. We love to Boogie Board, went to Hanalei on Wed not a good day...breaks at the shore strong rips.From your report sounds like more of the same today. J, I surfed here a couple of times last summer. 3-5 FT. Waist to head high. Beginning Oct. 15 visitors to Kauai may avoid 14 day quarantine with proof of negative COVID-19 test. There are almost always waves to play in at Kealia and plenty of room to do it. Kealia Beach has been a site of salt mining for centuries. I?m also concerned about weather conditions in May. Can you please define them? Currents can get bad. © 2021 | Privacy | Cookie Policy, 48hr Weather and Surf, issued 7 pm Sunday 24 Jan 2021 HST. Members can access discounts, points and special features . kealia dosent barrel for some weird reason in the winter even tho it drops 7 foot faces sometimes. Popular: Booked by 194 travelers! Kealia surf forecast is for near shore open water. For good snokeling I\'m looking for good visibility small surf , offshore winds and of course the better beaches . From a safety standpoint, I didnt encounter any issues, but I am a strong swimmer and surf lifeguard, and I could tell that this spot on bigger swell days, could prove to be too much for the average or inexperienced body surfer. It doesn't have to be perfect or world class, just waves usually to be had. Our photo below features other sights you’ll see from our Kauai Webcam. I have lived here 30+ years and not once encountered a box jellyfish. I know of kids and adults who have suffered bad burns by unknowingly walking on disguised embers. May can have some surf, but not as big as deep winter. 8.7 / 10. What would be the biggest acceptable surf for decent snorkeling? Kauai is my favorite of all the Hawaiian Islands. Surfers and boogie boarders flock to this water for the regular surf and wild conditions due to the constantly changing sand bar. W. This is a great website! Drive times in either direction will most likely be no more than an hour or so either way (traffic depending). Or is it not a county park? Kealia means "salt-encrusted," an apt moniker for its east-facing beach that gets pounded relentlessly with wave action. Breaking surf pushes water in, rip currents are that same water moving back out. 121 Reviews #2 of 4 things to do in Kauai. Hi Jon - you are correct. Kealia Beach: Unbelievable surf! I've heard this one called "Kealia Beach Park". Weather on the East side is typically beautiful Hawaii weather, with the "warm" temps of summer coming on. W. I\'ve read the ocean reports and trying to educate myself before we arrive. The swell has to be really really big to get into Anahola and this break tends to have very few visitors surfing there. If conditions are calm, it's possible to swim or body board at the north end, where the surf is somewhat broken by a seawall. On occasion it gets clean and offers quality surf. Kealia Beach (see more photos) is a 150-foot (46 m) wide and 0.5-mile (805 m) long sandy beach located on Kauai's Coconut Coast (east shore).Kealia means "salt bed" or "salt-encrusted area," a name referring to the traditional Hawaiian method of collecting and drying salt. Never enter the ocean during times of high surf or rough seas. Kahili Beach or Rock Quarry.