This TikTok challenge requires strength, and it really isn’t as simple as it first seems. {{#media.focal_point}}. Victoria Beckham showed off her fun side on Instagram on Tuesday, after her daughter Harper, nine, roped her into performing a viral Tik Tok dance. Donald Trump commutes prison sentence of ex-Detroit Mayor! It arrived, was easy to set up and has been a real help while she heals. Lots of athletes have been rising to the challenge, including the Cleveland Browns …, A post shared by Los Angeles Lakers (@lakers). You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. You were born with it. Users who reposted I Was Trippin On Them Drugs And I Hurt (Left Knee 10k Caash) Tik Tok Dance Song Remix; Playlists containing I Was Trippin On Them Drugs And I Hurt (Left Knee 10k Caash) Tik Tok Dance Song Remix; More tracks like I Was Trippin On Them Drugs And I Hurt (Left Knee 10k Caash) Tik Tok Dance Song Remix; License: cc-by-nc-sa To try the challenge yourself, start tapping into your creativity and get that back poppin’ with a step-by-step guide from Junebug himself. SOUTHERN MOMMAS DISCOVERING TIK TOK #FUNNY. That's the medical advice Ardie Savea has been given by his doctor as he continues to recover from a knee injury. Start with a couple of the best from creator Junebug, who really takes his challenge all over town and his apartment complex. Log in or link your magazine subscription. ... on bricks with hot wheel cars. landon ungerman (@landon_ungerman) has created a short video on TikTok with music Left Knee. Try Not to Bust a Knee to TikTok’s Instant-Viral #BussItChallenge, And Now, TikTok’s #JunebugChallenge Comes to Break Arms, Amanda Gorman Geeking Out Over James Corden Won Late Night This Week, Keira Knightley Will No Longer Do Sex Scenes With Male Directors, “I’d just rather not stand in front of a group of men naked.”, UCLA Gymnast Nia Dennis Is Back With More Beyoncé in a New Floor Routine. It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. It's perhaps one of the first viral dances to break out of the confines of the app itself and prompt so many others to strive to "go viral." Source: TikTok/lib_bbbbbbb “Popped her knee out doing a TikTok dance,” the caption says. On “Last Day In,” Kodak Black addresses Trump’s presidential pardon. 6 [PRIVATE DANCE] Niki’s Knee Highs and Thong – 6 minutes. Honey. And this poor girl, her friend had her jumping like she saw a ghost. Miley Cyrus to Headline ‘TikTok Tailgate’ Before Super Bowl LV. Propel your body upwards into the air and extend your left leg below you. That’s it. Ordered a knee scooter for my wife as she broke her foot in 7 places. Now, one woman’s unusual fake tan routine has gone viral, after she shared her seven-step method to… A viral TikTok video has received over 5. Travis Barker Is Reportedly Kourtney Kardashian’s Punk Rock Prince, The longtime friends are finally dating, according to. Trey Songz Reportedly Arrested for Altercation With Police at KC Chiefs Game. People are interested in performing Tik Tok videos and dance challenges. Dec 1, 2020 - Coco Quinn(@cocoquinnb) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. Whenever there is a new video uploaded by the user then new challenges arise. Okay uh you're 7 years old. Or better yet, imagine you’re trying to give BIRTH and your sister comes in, arms flailing. Now use all your strength to try to get up onto two feet. Your 17th @ has to comment there biggest secret #fyp #tiktok #foryou This TikTok challenge is a weird one. I wanna see and uh what mama does on the dance floor. These friends prove that the farther away the cameraman, the better. There’s also a version in which you try to jump-scare your unsuspecting parent or partner, but be ready for it to not always go your way, as you can see here with these two brave girls and their mom. Injured All Blacks loose forward Ardie Savea has been ordered to curb his use of the social media platform TikTok as he recovers from knee surgery. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. The 17-year-old rainbow-lover officially came out as gay, confirming fans’ suspicions. RIDDLE: Man on London Bridge riddle solved! In other news, What did Kwame Kilpatrick do?