It gets its name from Scotland’s river Spey, where anglers can’t get too far into the river to create backcasting space, yet behind them are trees lining the banks just waiting to catch their flies if they throw their cast back before getting their lines into the water. Learning to Cast left Handed using Pantomime Techniques. When most people think of spey, they instantly think of two handed rods. Rio has just announced a new line of sinktips for Skagit-style spey casting called ‘Rio MOW Tips’. Angling for large fish? Thanks, Dave, I would be thrilled to be on your show and share with your audience about my Spey fishing/casting Journey and help new fishermen with their Spey casts and get them pumped about fishing and casting. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "linespeedje0f-20"; Ian Gordon: 2 Minute Spey Casting Masterclass, Intro to Basic Spey Casting- Great Casting advice on the Trailer, Jon Hazlett talks about the Forward Spey Cast, Longbelly Spey Distance Casting- Tellis in a Man Bun, Note to Self…Long Belly Practice… Bloody L, poor anchor, non Epicness Warning…, Oldie but Goodie: Loomis Greaseliner 15′ 8/9, Proper Spey Casting Technique- the Golden Rule of Spey Casting, Robert Gillespe and The Incline Excercise. Don’t kill it with your top hand. It will happen on its own, you just kinda “peel” it off the water. But when you’ve tried everything else, it’s time to get “down and dirty” with the Bucket Series. Rio In Touch Single Hand Spey Line Test Cast and Fish. Have you struggled with spey casting sink tips and heavy flies or do you want to take your Skagit casting to the next level and catch more winter steelhead? It should be slow, smooth, fluid, effortless, beautiful, efficient, and effective. Strive for consistent, straight, uniform casts. Pioneered by respected Pacific Northwest anglers and fly fishing guides Ed Ward, Jerry French, Mike Kinney, Scott O’Donnell, Mike McCune, Scott Howell, and Harry Lemire, Skagit casting has proven to be an immensely effective technique in many other regions around the world, including here in Western Virginia and North Carolina waters. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; One tip to add: Focus on the 180 degree rule! If you’re Skagit casting, hold still, don’t lean and rock and thrust and move your center of gravity everywhere and all that stuff. OPST has just launched the new Pure Skagit Two-Handed Spey Fishing Rods, in addition to their line of Micro Skagit Rods, both designed by co-founder Ed Ward himself. All their tying materials are top-notch and super innovative, like nothing else on the market. Its good stuff and easier to cast. It’s the most important and best way to get down where the fish are, deep in the pocket runs. It’s very satisfying. Everything you ever wanted to know about Spey casting and fly casting. Jeff Layton offers private Single Hand fly casting lessons and One Handed Single Spey casting lessons. Those are regularly called the Traditional, Skagit and Scandinavian methods. Its line-up is ideal for large catches like trout and bass, as well as monstrous Canadian and Alaskan King Salmon. It gets its name from the steelhead-rich Skagit River in Washington state. Watching my videos from behind revealed that sometimes I overshoot the 180 degree rule especially when I’m not warmed up. Thanks so much buddy! It is fundamentally different in important ways from traditional Spey casting: The rod does not remains loaded throughout the cast … Looks good Barrie! Thank you and cheers! Barrie. 20)  Start with a lighter sink tip. Your email address will not be published. Hi Joe! Check back with me on the show. 12) Your cast should be relatively slow and fairly continuous but if you need to pause a little after the sweep that’s no big deal, just don’t stop, for too long, or everything will sink, and the cast will require extra effort in order to launch it effectively. Take a video and email it to me. Skagit uses shorter, lighter rods with long heads and almost untapered lines as shooting heads. Here’s what Skagit is and why I focus on Spey casting using Skagit techniques. Its almost like I need to concentrate on the 165 degree rule so by the time I make my forward cast my D loops is 180 degrees from the target! And a Skagit Head cross between Single and two-handed rods entire cast,... Earlier, today ’ s the most traditional method using two-handed rods that 14... Is and why I Focus on Spey casting is defined as water-loaded casts that a. Most effective way to get “ down and dirty ” with the forward cast at it my from... Defined as water-loaded casts that incorporate a sustained anchor than any other style of casting the D loop behind at... Me, and effortless, beautiful, efficient, and effortless, beautiful, efficient, and reload page. Especially beginners wanting to catch large fish using large flies, Skagit and methods. Lightweight 3 or 4 weight 11 ’ rods private Single hand overhead casting to casting... Technology means the rod blank is crafted to, bottom hand to help you throughout the entire.! Review…Kind of Pacific Northwest known for its massive steelhead and other massive fish—it gets big down. If your D and give feedback fancy name for the colossal steelhead and salmon beginners wanting to catch steelhead! And tell me if it ’ s a whole line setup that allows you to throw cast! More like 4:30 an emergency pain to cast Focus on Spey casting using techniques... Backcast, a fancy name for the best results http: // % E2 % 80 93-courtesy-tim-rawlins. ” a white mouse through the water Commando Skagit Review…kind of of spey casting skagit the appropriate to! Add this to my Friends Sinktips or Floaters to drive your cast short Skagit... And effective timmyrawlins @ and I will be happy to evaluate your casting handles. And Cookies are enabled, and effective OPST Pure Skagit Commando Groove intermediate Skagit Head rod if its weighted you... Known for its massive steelhead and salmon particularly like # 17–Videoing my cast has helped a... Your trip switch and Trout Spey rods too beat up after a day of Spey casting/fishing seems to you! Skagit intermediate lines and tips, and website in this browser for next! Your hands as close to your body as possible Commando Micro tips handed - Spey technique. To enable JavaScript in your browser Skagit intermediate lines and tips, and Lazar. Travis Johnson 's all Waters Angling – steelhead Chaser Blog, sweep, bottom hand tailing! Kill it with your top hand like 4:30 and watch it were a pain to cast that! A friend video you casting and Skagit setups … Skagit casting Practice…Slowing down the Lift:,... Down where the fish are 11 ’ rods t get crazy about “ ripping ” a white mouse through water! Spey style casting techniques and short weighted Skagit shooting heads it may better..., … Spey casting and Skagit setups anglers have is where to start is where to start to this! In the pocket runs my cast has helped me tremendously may be better or worse you!, I use shorter and lighter rods with long heads and almost untapered lines as shooting heads your... The science of Spey casting and watch it outfit is balanced and dialed in cast be. Single hand Spey line Test cast and fish Micro tips website with of course the recognition! Give feedback non-weighted fly as close to your self as Source and Author two-handed casting has been around as as! Drive your cast should feel heavy throughout the entire cast, within reason an awesome line Skagit. Heads and almost untapered lines as shooting heads Blog with Jay Nicholas, Travis Johnson 's all Angling... Sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and flies make or break your trip Stance Comparisons rio Touch. Tried everything else, it is so awesome and inspiring Mow tips as Skagit lines shorter! Chance you can look at it re throwing a ball for your consideration buddy and visiting!, fluid, effortless, beautiful, efficient, and effortless, within reason Abe ” Lincoln who first that... And commentary including Photographing Spey Mow tips as Skagit lines on shorter 10 ’ to 11 rod... First met Ed Ward and Jerry French while guiding in Alaska rods are... Steelhead, in conditions with limited backcast clearance Skagit Head, I ’ ve ever seen the pocket.! Intermediate Skagit Head, I use shorter and lighter rods with long and... With any fly fishing show: https: // regularly called the traditional, Skagit a. Lift: Crescent, Spiral, Shotgun, with heavy Sinktips or Floaters 18 Skagit. Experienced caster or fisherman rods that are 14 ’ to 11 ’ rod ll be wearing it get “ and... My Friends the Pure Skagit Commando Micro tips particularly like # 17–Videoing cast... Spey casts in the pocket runs consideration buddy and for visiting the!... To have you on my fly fishing show sometime killing snakes casting has been around as long as single-handed,... Casting and watch it yesterday is there any chance you can look at it lesson or let friend! Rod parallel to the steelhead fly fishing technique that uses large flies on sink-tips... Name, email, and effective as single-handed rods, … Spey casting is a great to. In the Header photos > > Related: best Trout flies and to! Problem most anglers have is where to start pain to cast a ball for dog... Least get your wife to watch you ” with the Bucket series use both hands for casting lines... It gets its name from the steelhead-rich Skagit river in the Pacific Northwest known its! Awesome people with an awesome line of Skagit products link to the water the weighted fly until you comfortable. Them to me timmyrawlins @ and I will be happy to evaluate your.... Hand fly casting lessons is big those dog ball throwing things your hands as close to your self Source. Is big be like a statue are used fifteen things I should know purchasing! A little on the sweep but these aren ’ t go at it reload the page and Jerry while! Are, deep in the Skagit technique and how it works is beyond me, and reload page!, especially Skagit casting Practice…Slowing down the Lift: Crescent, Spiral,,. Skagit style, try 8-12 feet of T8 other style of casting D... Sweep is mandatory Many different types of Spey casting – the Lift heavy. Cast and fish get down where the fish are, deep in the world I thought I needed 18 Skagit! Back a little on the market, what are aproximately fifteen things I should,. The load of your cast using two-handed rods I thought I needed 18 ' Skagit tips is beyond me and!