You are right in thinking they are different species, the confusion comes from made up trade names, trilineatus are often labelled as leopard or juliI corys I would go with C.trilineatus, you'd be highly unlikely to find true juliI as they're rarely if ever seen in the trade. i know they should be in a group of 5 or more. Buy It Now. julii corydoras Help. These are some cool Cories. True julii cories are very rare in the hobby. ... Super Eques Cory Catfish - (Corydoras eques) - True - Live Freshwater Fish . Hognose Brochis (Brochis multiradiatus) $ 29.99 – $ 34.99. 1 Julii Cory Combine shipping and Save!!!!! . So far fish farmers have not been able to spawn and produce this fish for aquariums. Save up to 20% when you buy more. False Julii Corys And True Julii Corys. Most of the fish sold as C. julii are in fact C. trilineatus . True Pygmy Cory (Corydoras pygmaeus) – Group of 10 $ 32.99. Ryan P. Member. The pet shop said they were true Julii, but I am thinking they are False Julii. Did you purchase just one, or a shoal of these? This fish was caught in the Amazon Rainforest by very skillful collectors of wild fish. Tiger moray true freshwater 6-7" in length Tiger moray true - $139.99 moray freshwater true Tiger 6-7" length in in length moray 6-7" freshwater Tiger true (3) Julii Corydoras Corycatfish Freshwater Aquarium FREE SHIPPING LIMITED!!! (3) Julii Corydoras - $39.99 Julii Corycatfish Corydoras (3) Freshwater SHIPPING FREE Aquarium LIMITED!!! Cory folks help please! I am thinking maybe Corydoras melanistius The 2nd was purchased as a JuliI Cory, but I am sure that is not a true JuliI and am thinking it is a False Julii? False Julii Cory fish grow to two inches in length. You might also see this species for sale as “leopard” or more commonly “julii” cory. I'm having a hard time finding False JuliI at this time, if I add 4 True JuliI Cory would they school with the rest? Feb 27, 2018. Get the best deals for corydoras live fish at Select options. C. julii is also somewhat smaller and more compact-looking in … Could anyone give me … Julii corydora. HELP! Guaranteed by Sat, Oct. 31. With its pleasing pattern of mottled black dots and stripes upon a silver body, the False Julii Cory Cat is a visually striking and entertaining addition to the freshwater aquarium. Hiyotada Scientific name: Corydoras paleatus Also known as: Blue Leopard Corydoras, Peppered Catfish, Peppered Cory Adult size: Males–2.5 inches (6.5 cm), Females–3 inches (7.5 cm) Lifespan: 5 years Minimum tank size: 15 gallon pH: 6.0–7.0 Hardness: to 12 degrees dGH Temperature: 72–78 degrees F (22–26 degrees C) Tankmates: Peaceful, best kept in schools with other smaller fish This video shows our Corydoras Julii tank set up. Often confused with Corydoras trilineatus. CORYDORAS Sterbai Cory Marble Hoplo Cat Melini Cory Julii Cory Violetta Cory C020 cory "Skunk Cory" CW10 Gold Laser Cory Virginiae Cory Bronze Cory Pygmy Cory LORICARIIDS Hypancistrus "Lower Rio Xingu" Super Red Bristlenose Albino Bristlenose sm. I am new here, so I guess Ill tell you guys a little about my experience and my aquariums. Cories are highly dependent on having other cories to shoal with, and a lone cory will quickly become stressed. Free shipping. Order: Siluriformes Family: Callichthyidae Free shipping. True Eques Cory (Corydoras Eques) $ 24.99 – $ 29.99. Avg size is about 1" nice youngsters! Ignoring the mini ones (habrosus, etc), a fully grown albino aeneas has 3-4 times the mass of a julii, important because mass mostly determines bioload. The Julii Corydoras (Corydoras julii) also goes by the common name of Julii Cory and sometimes the Leopard Cory. $5.99. The “true” C. julii is quite rare in the hobby, as it’s not present in very many of the commercially fished Amazonian waters. So just a quick question, I go 6 False JuliI on my 60 Gallon right now and wanted to add 4 more. Back then, I had not kept any fish tanks before, and my parents would not allow me to get one. a while back i had 4 sterbai who died within a few days of buying them. Free shipping. Corydoras Catfish Pictures: Click on each picture to the left to see a bigger picture. Watch; 3+1 Pepper Corydoras (Paleatus Corydoras) $18.99. An effective way of differentiating them is that the Corydoras trilineatus have three black lines on the flanks (hence its name), composed of very tight points, reminiscent of zebra. Common Names : Julii Corydoras, Leopard Corydoras, Julii Cory. Julii Cories are among my list of favorite fish. They like to be kept in a school of 6 or more and will do great in a … $32.00. hi, i recently bought 2 corydoras julii for my community tank. Free shipping. or Best Offer. Classification. And the 3rd was in a tank labeled as a Panda Cory but I know it isn't a Panda Cory.. Indeed, its motives can be variable, which sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish. The False Julii Cory Cat exudes personality that adds interest to the lower regions of your aquarium. Scientific Name : Corydoras julii. Most often, you will find Corydoras trilineatus sold under the name false julii, or even just julii. $75.00. Most web sites seem to say that they are most likely instead Corydoras trilineatus and mislabeled. Went ... How Do You Pronounce "Julii"? Add to cart. So, I have a school of 6 False JuliI Corydoras and I was wondering of the 6 how many of them are males, and how many are females. : Identification: Probably the most misidentified fish commonly found in aquatic retailers who incorrectly sell it as C. julii.The true C. julii is such a rare import that sheer numbers mean you are unlikely to really encounter this Brazilian fish.C. I am thinking it is a Bandit Cory Corydoras metae? True or False Julii Cory Catfish? The ones I bought did not say leopard cory but rather Corydoras julii. They live ideally in schools and are a perfect community fish especially for smaller aquariums.You are getting on 1 of these great little fish total. Julii cory internally bleeding? FIVE WILD TRUE Corydoras Julii with free shipping continental U.S. $59.00. Mar 10, 2017 - Explore Brian K Chung's board "Corydoras", followed by 147 people on Pinterest. Select options. (I have pretty bad eyes even with corrective lenses.) I kept googling methods to gender them and for the life of me, cannot figure it out. . False Julii Cory (Corydoras trilineatus) – Group of 5 Fish $ 19.99 – $ 28.99 An attractively marked and longtime hobby favorite, the False or Colombian Julii Cory is a peaceful shoaling fish often found in large groups in the wild. Bronze Cory Catfish (Corydoras aeneus) Live Freshwater Fish . Missing Panda Cory Cat (8 gal tank w/ Julii Cory and Betta) Anyone selling false julii. My Julii is floating belly up on the surface. Like the corydoras julii, the three stripe corys have spotted bodies and large black spot on the dorsal fin, but unlike a true julii, they don’t have finer sports on the head that are not connected. Personally I love this species I don't thing there is a mean variety of them - they are all peaceful and mine are VERY shy. no apparent reason and the water parameters were fine. 7. They are a shoaling fish and do best when kept in groups. FIVE WILD TRUE Corydoras Julii with free shipping continental U.S. $59.00. or Best Offer +$9.50 shipping. Panda Cory (Corydoras panda) – Group of 5 Fish $ 23.99. FAST 'N FREE. I have been researching if my JuliI cories are true, -Corydoras Julii-, or False Julii, -Corydoras trilineatus-. - CotM 2001 April: Species Information; Size: 61mm or 2.4" SL.Find near, nearer or same sized spp. Pandas, metae, peppered are between, roughly in that order. They are so beautiful and fun to watch! The False Corys are hardier than the true corys catfish, which is why they are so popularly sold in pet stores and why many pet stores mistake them for the real ones. Corydoras julii STEINDACHNER, 1906 Julii Cory Etymology. They are just babies now about 1/2" long but they'll grow to 2".