Beast Wars Ongoing Comic Coming in 2021 - Additional Images Transformers Beast Wars 1 Cover RI B by Nick Brokenshire LEGAL LINES EMBED 2020 1602259946 compressed 1 Transformers Beast Wars 1 Head H 2020 1602177691 928×523 Add interesting content and earn coins. Kevin Erdmann Oct 12, 2020. Kairi147713 and astclair341 like this. He returns to being a ghost and vanishes into the far reaches of time and space. Bumblebee and Wheeljack shoot a Decepticon Seeker out of the sky. Prowl- 5"7 Black hair,Brown eyes light skin . 2. Bumblebee was one of the Autobots in the Ark before it crashed. 1. Transformers: Beast Wars is an entertainment franchise from Hasbro, and is part of the larger Transformers franchise. won't surprise me if he is a producer. There's an old Hollywood adage, "Give the people what they want, not what they THINK they want." The ape's head folded inward to reveal a metallic chest. Explore Fanpop. 1. Cartoons Transformers/Beast Wars. Bumblebee Movie 2007. He is a member of theMaximals. Following the release of 2018's Bumblebee, Paramount Pictures and Hasbro have put two new Transformers movies in … He possesses a Predacon and attempts to take over, but fails. Reply. Though reviled by many Transformers fans when it first hit the airwaves in 1996, Beast Wars is now considered by many to be among the finest examples of Transformers storytelling, striking a happy balance between character, … Club Bumblebee Club 加入 New Post. 照片 of Bumblebee Beast Wars for 粉丝 of Club Bumblebee 22535794. The studio has screenwriter James Vanderbilt was brought on last April to develop a screenplay based on the Beast Wars version of the Transformers which include Cheetor (Cheetah), Optimus Primal (Gorilla), and Rhinox (Rhinoceros). It was really well wrote with stakes, deaths, transformers switching sides and still had time for comedy. Beast Wars cartoon. bumblebee. China.Org has reported of a potential Beast Wars movie as well as the (still rumored) Optimus Prime movie. While it might look outdated now, Beast Wars: Transformers was cutting edge CGI at its best in 1996. According to Variety, Paramount now has screenplays for two new Transformers movies in simultaneous development, with James Vanderbilt writing one and Joby Harold the other. Club Bumblebee Club 가입하기 New Post. However, before they can recover it, they are forced to take cover upon the arrival of another. "Transformers" spin-off "Bumblebee" is in theaters Friday and you may recognize a few familiar voices. I said that in the first Beast Wars show or that other Beast Wars show there was a character that was called Soundwave and was a bat or whatever. One is reportedly based on the popular Beast Wars: Transformers computer-animated TV series, with the second taking place in the Bumblebee movie universe. Today, Deadline announced that Paramount Pictures is currently hard at work developing two separate Transformers movies. bumblebee. bumblebee. 1 History 2 Personality 3 Appearance 3.1 Robot Mode 3.2 Beast Form 3.3 Vehicle Mode His robot form is a gray, white, and red robot. Two new Transformers movies are being developed by Paramount, including another addition to the spinoff Bumblebee series. Unlike previous "Transformers" movies, you don't need a guide to keep up with the amount of Autobots and Decepticons seen on screen. Fans who were kids when Beast Wars came out are adults now and likely remember the show with great fondness. Explore Fanpop. Funny thing though bumblebee had a chance in beast wars but Hasbro actually misplaced the rights to the character, leading to the creation of Chettor in the future. [/QUOTE] Beast Wars sounds like a bay type of film. Deadline reports the Vanderbilt movie is based on Beast Wars, which are robots that transform into robotic animals like Cheetor (Cheetah), Optimus Primal (Gorilla), Rhinox (Rhinoceros) and more, and that Vanderbilt has been working on the film since April, with the other from Harold set within the Bumblebee … Kairi147713 and astclair341 like this. He is theGuardian of Bee Grasslands. Beast wars has transformers crash landing to the past after a time travel mess up and has to take beast forms over cars and planes. Beast Wars' 25th anniversary with a new comic series, complete with new characters. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Transformers: War for Cybertron -- Earthrise, now streaming on Netflix.. As much as fans knew Transformers: War for Cybertron -- Earthrise would bring Maximals and Predacons into the fray for the next chapter, Kingdom, it wasn't until the Season 2 finale that they saw Dinobot appear as the Autobots and Decepticons fell to Earth. Behold the Bumblebeast (aka Beast Wars Bumblebee) - posted in Wheeljacks Workshop: All original parts, no additional paint used.Part donors were:- BotCon 2015 Mudfighter- BotCon 2015 Storm Rider- Revenge of the Fallen Battlefield Bumblebee (head)The head fits perfectly onto the ball joint and doesnt cause any problems for the transformation either. His beast mode is aBee. Explore Fanpop. One is reportedly based on the popular Beast Wars: Transformers computer-animated TV series, with the second taking place in the Bumblebee movie universe.. Paramount Pictures and Hasbro are developing two new Transformers movies, with two different writers penning the scripts. No idea what Beast Wars is, though. Now in Beast Wars, when Optimus Primal takes the spark of Optimus Prime and reformats into Optimal Optimus, he gets pretty big, but is still obviously much smaller than Optimus. In IDW's Transformers, Bumblebee was the mentor of a new forging named Rubble who is murdered, resulting in Bumblebee assassinating the killer. ... beast wars. 2. A Transformers: Beast Wars movie is in the works. According to an issue of the Marvel comics, Bumblebee stands 15 feet tall, and is the smallest of the Autobots who were on the Ark. Apparently only one will go into full production. Ironhide , despite what Megatron thinks . [QUOTE=Ilan Preskovsky;4805269]Really looking forward to Bumblebee 2, which is a hell of an achievement considering I hate all of Bay's Transformer films. JZLobo Hobbyist Writer. 写真 of Bumblebee Beast Wars for ファン of Club Bumblebee 22535794. Bumblebee Movie 2007. added by sofi327. Bumblebeast is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. He looks awesome, wish this was an actual toy. Bumblebee Movie 2007. added by sofi327. Hot Shot , the yellow kid-appeal character from the Unicron Trilogy , who Transformers Animated Bumblebee is based on. The other is a continuation of the Bumblebee > movie. Paramount's upcoming adaptation of beloved animated Transformers series Beast Wars reportedly has a very big budget. We also see Dragon Megatron, who Transformers: Bumblebee's First Kill Was A Revenge-Fueled Assassination. The Vanderbilt project, from what I heard, is based on Transformers spinoff Beast Wars which are robots that transform into robotic animals like … Add interesting content and earn coins. Love the Basic flipchanger idea. 2. According to new reports from Deadline, the reboot is reportedly based upon Beast Wars, the computer-animated Transformers series that ran for three seasons in the late 90s. 1. Bumblebee Movie 2007. added by sofi327. ... Bumblebee-5"0 golden blonde hair, crystal clean baby blue eyes, white porcelain skin . > One is a Beast Wars script. He sides withOptimus Primaland The Maximal band so he can take down thePredaconsled byMegatron Add photo Club Bumblebee Club 登録する New Post. It also was the first Transformers cartoon series to ever feature computer-animated characters. I am serious about that. Also Starscream was in Beast Wars as an animal transformer last time I checked even though I havent seen either of the 2 Beast Wars shows in ages. War For Cybertron Trilogy Chapter 1: Siege. ... beast wars. Beast Wars: Transformers is a Daytime Emmy award-winning computer-animated television series that premiered on April 22, 1996 in syndication in the United States.. The fiction directly follows the Transformers: Generation 1 continuity established by the 1984 series and animated film.It ignores the continuity established by the Japanese Transformers series, though this franchise would have two exclusive Japanese series of its own. Optamis- 5"9 Navy blue hair with red dye tips )wears a red piolet jacket with blue flames on the cuffs & bottom) Add interesting content and earn coins. Jul 10, 2016. Photo of Bumblebee Beast Wars for fans of Club Bumblebee 22535794 Beast Wars (Part 1) The immortal life force of Starscream crosses time and space to reach Earth. ... beast wars. Maximals and Predacons come from the future via Transwarp technology and scan the animals of the planet for alternate modes.The Beast Wars begin. 1 Maximals 2 History 3 Physiology 4 Organization 5 Maximal Society 6 Powers & Abilities 6.1 Powers 6.2 Abilities 6.3 Weaknesses 7 Known Maximals 7.1 Crew of the Axelon 8 External links 9 Gallery The Maximals are the heroes of the story, as well as the descendants of the heroic Autobots. Kairi147713 and astclair341 like this. Cheetor, the yellow kid-appeal character from Beast Wars. 사진 of Bumblebee Beast Wars for 팬 of Club Bumblebee 22535794. Paramount has given a date for a new live-action Transformers movie of June 24, 2022. Optimus Primal is the main protagonist of the Beast Wars series and the leader of the Maximals.